payment methods

With ZOODEM you decide to pay your order in the following ways:


Withdrawal persso our Online:

For those who have urgent need to immediately withdraw the goods potra 'do it at our store in Via San Domenico

Pagani (Sa) contact always the number +39.0813440343


For those who have urgent need to receive the goods. Shipping usually within max 24/36 hours from receipt of payment. Paypal is the circuit of the world's largest online payments, simply register and assign a credit card to your account and email address and you will be able to shop around the world in an easy, safe and cheap, in fact send a payment with Paypal is free and without commissions. To open a PayPal account visit (opens new window).


Credit card:

Quick and easy, shipping normally again within max 24/36 hours from receipt of payment. For the transaction usufruiamo always channel Paypal, even for those without a personal Paypal account and is valid also for rechargeable credit cards such as American Express.


Wire Transfer Policy:

Suitable for those who have no immediate urgency to get the goods. If you decide to pay by bank transfer in advance, know that we will ship at the time the actual crediting displayed, usually takes between 2 to 3 working days from the day of initiating the transfer to verify accreditation.
Although we appreciate the precision of many customers in sending us the details of the bank dell'eseguito, unfortunately this can not speed up the display of the same and release the goods following an automated procedure.
Please therefore snellirci to work and make us work perfectly, do not send copies made, received, cro, etc .. as there would still be useful to speed up the operation.



Shipping in the 24/36 hours, in case of cash on delivery is a charge of € 8 for the rights of collection of the Courier.
We take this opportunity to remind you also that in the case of payment on delivery the courier does not accept values other than cash.


Recommendations and General Rules on Delivery:

We remind our esteemed clientele that the express courier service is not dependent on our exterior activities. The Express Delivery, unless otherwise specified and subject to extra tariffs appropriately agreed with the customer, does not deliver to the plans, deliveries by appointment or deliveries on holidays.
To avoid misunderstandings, delays and costs of storage should make sure there is always someone at the place of delivery on weekdays and office hours.
We also invite, before accepting delivery of the package, to verify the actual integrity and to ensure that no tampering has been made, because once signed and accepted delivery, complaints will no longer be committed. Remember, it is the faculty of the customer in cases of suspected tampering of the package, refuse delivery and report the incident immediately to take action to resolve the matter promptly.
The invoice or transport document paper attached to the goods is always and regularly present in the pocket placed on the packaging.